pengxueqing 2020-01-16 22:10:53
Description: Segmented operation tool class: it is used for segmented operation due to SQL length restriction and sqm alert in the scenario of mass addition, modification, query and deletion
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ASAI 2020-01-14 19:20:20
Description: Back to the specific N-body problem, it refers to the study of the motion of n-bodies in Newtonian classical mechanics, including trajectory prediction, when the initial position, velocity and mass of n-bodies are known.
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 731KB | Downloads: 0
poorcool 2020-01-11 14:59:21
Description: Xidelsim simulation project of Xilinx dsp48e2, customized.
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poorcool 2020-01-11 14:54:46
Description: Adpcm encoder, using Verilog language implementation.
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shijiejie 2020-01-04 15:36:03
Description: Image color space conversion + resize
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SunXinJing75 2019-12-31 14:10:55
Description: Hadoop parallel computing for word occurrence times
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wangbuzhidao 2019-12-29 15:24:00
Description: ## Ignore Visual Studio temporary files, build results, and ## files generated by popular Visual Studio add-ons. # User-specific files *.suo *.user *.userosscache *.sln.docstates # User-specific files (MonoDevelop/Xamarin Studio) *.userprefs
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 22KB | Downloads: 1
万古云霄 2019-12-27 15:27:02
Description: The program written in C language can realize parallel calculation and debugging.
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寞、流星 2019-12-17 22:29:18
Description: Filter the data in the table, such as: 3 rows and 1800 columns, filter out specific 3 rows and 50 columns
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发动机控制先生 2019-12-14 10:34:40
Description: The Gauss elimination method is used to solve equations, including a series of examples and simple calculation
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LDW_ 2019-12-09 17:51:16
Description: The difference between the two pictures, parallel processing using opencl technology, the average running time on Linux is 14ms
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JanK32 2019-12-02 18:07:34
Description: ITisfor and id is very good and heplr
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mroustaei 2019-12-01 20:31:46
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pippo123 2019-11-27 16:54:46
Description: Another file for the initial tests
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heilaos 2019-11-21 11:44:19
Description: Canon algorithm is a kind of storage efficient algorithm. In order to make the subscripts of two matrices meet the requirements of multiplication, it is different from parallel block multiplication in that it does not only make each column block of B matrix move circularly, but also purposefully makes each row block of a and each column block of B move circularly, so as to realize the calculation of sub block of C.
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heilaos 2019-11-21 11:41:10
Description: A is a real matrix of order n. QR decomposition of a is to find a nonsingular matrix Q and an upper triangular matrix R, making a = QR. QR decomposition is also called the orthogonal triangle decomposition.
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heilaos 2019-11-21 11:37:53
Description: Parallel computing source program to realize matrix LU decomposition: considering the load balance between processors in the calculation process, row cross division is adopted for a, which is actually that each processor selects the main row in turn and broadcasts. If the i-th line element of the processor with the number of my rank is taken as the main line and broadcast to all processors, then the processor with the number greater than or equal to my rank uses the main line element for its i + 1 , M-1 row data to do row transformation, other processors use the main line elements to its I , M-1 row data for row transformation
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JudezzZ 2019-11-18 20:09:54
Description: Chen Guoliang "parallel algorithm practice" in the book example source code, which by example classification, for beginners is very helpful.
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清风明月0903 2019-11-16 13:20:21
Description: Using MPI send and MPI recv to realize MPI alltoall function
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wang221 2019-11-14 15:19:46
Description: fresnel This tutorial uses the Wave Optics Module and the Ray Optics Module to simulate the propagation of rays through a diffraction grating at different angles of incidence. It uses the S-parameters computed by the Electromagnetic Waves, Frequency Domain interface on a unit cell of the grating to specify the reflectance and transmittance of each diffraction order in the Geometrical Optics interface, allowing ray propagation through the grating to be modeled over length scales much larger than the width of the unit cell
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lovegg 2019-11-09 21:18:45
Description: Can calculate any century in which every year is not prime
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fenglz 2019-10-28 16:13:02
Description: GPU acceleration technology book based on OpenCL, very good
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liu321456 2019-10-26 23:55:14
Description: Parallel computing, documentation, provides basic documentation only, entry level documentation
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Elwahsh 2019-10-18 15:53:16
Description: j,cg gnxf fgr erGEGERHYTM ZFGNFGNFN
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柒凛 2019-10-10 09:12:50
Description: This paper introduces an acceleration algorithm based on multi-threading and image partitioning, because it is easy to write and implement by calling the opencv library. OpenCV is called Open Source Computer Vision Library. It is developed by the Visual Interaction Group of Intel Microprocessor Research Laboratory. It is an open source library for digital image processing and computer vision. The development language used is C++
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 324KB | Downloads: 2
JJYY123 2019-09-20 15:17:08
Description: A complete hydraulic system consists of five parts, namely, power components, actuators, control components, auxiliary components and hydraulic oil.
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Andy YAN 2019-08-21 14:05:12
Description: SCRIPT FOR Gravity calculation. Please try for error
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DecentMan 2019-07-23 19:16:13
Description: Parallel Computing for some samples!
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DecentMan 2019-07-23 19:15:02
Description: Parallel Programming common use code!
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Godlike! 2019-07-17 19:00:33
Description: Question 03 of Surveying and Mapping Skills Competition
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