xilenovo 2019-02-04 13:47:06
Description: R package,limma ,GEGs
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Hur Abbas 2019-01-07 02:46:03
Description: This is an Hospital management system on Java For students
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云飘火烧 2019-01-04 12:56:12
Description: blood pressureDiastolic pressure is quite difficult and ambiguous because voltage thresholds vary from person to person.
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leequn 2018-12-17 20:11:40
Description: alternative splicing analysis
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peyot 2018-12-16 01:24:33
Description: esto es util para programar micros
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王者123 2018-12-12 14:48:08
Description: Very complete DICOM image file tag description, can be used to parse DICOM files
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jancamilo3 2018-12-05 11:21:18
Description: Sample Dicom Viewer in Dcm4chee additional app
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vishsfsfsf 2018-11-21 13:33:43
Description: In a Boolean retrieval system, stemming never lowers recall.In a Boolean retrieval system, lowers recall.In a Boolean lowers recall.In a Boolean retrieval system, stemming never .
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lianyj 2018-09-27 10:26:01
Description: The relevant policy of electronic medical record, the policy basis to be followed in the development of electronic medical record.
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静水深流 2018-09-13 22:54:47
Description: The dental hospital management system SQL version, with complete resource files and database files, SQL version, can be used directly after modification, clear logic, complete annotation.
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andersonhyz 2018-08-11 14:47:10
Description: Ethercat communication via USB
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Description: Extraction of spectral characteristic wavelengths
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Description: Unable to run, ask the boss to help see, the code seems to be no problem.
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Description: The hospital system is for reference only.
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夕月左 2018-05-17 03:49:29
Description: Based on DOMFlour toolbox, 3D fluorescence spectrum DOM parameter extraction, image rendering, matlab.m file
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没有来 2018-05-03 17:12:55
Description: Dnaman software is an application that helps you study biological experiment data. When you analyze biological sequences, you can use computer software's powerful analysis techniques and computing power to let you perform complex calculations and simulate DNA behavior. In this process, you have a platform that is completely suitable for your data calculation. The software supports multiple analysis types including protein analysis, molecular studies, primer analysis and sequence comparison studies. It allows you to study more biological experimental data. Convenient; dnaman8 (Multi-function Integrated Sequence Analysis) Built-in graphic analysis function, you can publish your own experimental data to the software, use the automatic statistics and drawing function to obtain detailed data trend analysis, and provide important reference for future simulation experiments data.
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Description: LIS--Document--Laboratory Information System--work
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joeyleelee 2018-04-26 10:26:56
Description: LIS--Document--Laboratory Information System
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joeyleelee 2018-04-26 10:22:59
Description: Document--Laboratory Information System
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joeyleelee 2018-04-26 10:22:08
Description: LIS--Document--Laboratory Information System
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joeyleelee 2018-04-26 10:20:45
Description: LIS----document--Laboratory Information System
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liiiiiiiiiiiiii 2018-04-17 13:49:20
Description: A, system The system is composed of five main modules: 1. management system 2. basic data 3. query modification Analysis of 4. statistics Help 5. system
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冰鸟 2018-04-09 16:38:01
Description: Data classification of BP neural network -- speech feature signal classification
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ZSK%252B6145 2018-03-31 13:24:03
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时迈 2018-01-26 11:44:14
Description: Pharmacy management: inventory, storage, warehousing, inventory. New drugs, factory management, etc.
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xiandai222 2018-01-25 10:02:39
Description: MTF Forex freedom Bar.mq4 #MTF Forex freedom Bar1.mq4 #MTF_Accelerator_LSMA.mq4 #MTF_CCI.mq4 #MTF_HMA_Russian_Color.mq4 #MTF_HULL_TREND.mq4 #MTF_LSMA_in_Color_3.mq4
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cguns 2018-01-16 23:26:42
Description: simple medical hospitality
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默默槑槑 2018-01-16 17:22:22
Description: calculates a child's Mendel error rate based on family-based vcf file
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123lpy 2018-01-09 21:12:00
Description: The uploaded code has java written, the function is not too much, but run normal, for everyone to refer to
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zhaoyuan863 2017-12-30 15:59:06
Description: Calculate the surface area of the body and calculate the dosage of the drug
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