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Description: CMS Content Management for SSM Framework of JAVA /JSP
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Description: Integrated OA office platform, very practical. Recommended for beginners to learn!
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Description: OA system background engine processing code, can realize the process of circulation and processing.
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Description: The new version of Guns based on SpringBoot comprehensive upgrade, perfect integration of springmvc + Shiro + mybatis-plus + beetl! Do not write in the XML configuration (V1.0) on the basis of further simplifying the project configuration, allowing you to focus more on business development! Spring XML abandoned the traditional disposition method, using springboot + JavaBean configuration spring, which greatly simplifies the pom.xml configuration and spring configuration. Guns project code concise, rich notes, easy to use, while Guns contains many basic modules (user management, role management, department management, dictionary management module 10), can be directly used as a scaffold for the background of the management system.
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Hamedee4 2017-09-20 03:35:51
Description: s a signal builder used as the reference speed time graph of the motor,three signals are there.the second signal is used for optimization purpose.if you want to change the reference signal for optimization then you have to change the costfunction also. the [n] matrix
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Description: Enterprise office automation system, Using SSH framework written.
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Description: Medical insurance management, chart system, index analysis, report design, message board, news release
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Description: OA commonly used functions, staff management, document management, attendance management, performance evaluation
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Description: Baidu OCR engine, which is a php demo, hoping to give you help.
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Description: The permanent system column OA, there is information, such as QQ flashing
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