Mehru 2020-07-05 21:55:51
Description: Buck converter design in multisim software
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Mehru 2020-07-05 21:54:16
Description: Multisim design of Boost convertor
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khanth 2020-07-04 22:50:06
Description: transaction paper for implementation
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杜痿 2020-06-28 16:05:38
Description: A simple automatic warehouse simulation system for personal college graduation design can automatically balance the shelves according to the input data, including the simulation functions of purchase, shipment and query.
Plat: Visual Basic | Size: 75KB | Downloads: 0
什么真实 2020-06-21 14:08:25
Description: Digital clock is realized by using digital circuit, minutes and seconds for fashion digital display timer, widely used in personal family, station, office and other public places, become necessities of People's Daily life cannot little, with the development of digital integrated circuit and the wide application of quartz crystal oscillator, the accuracy of digital clock, far more than the old clocks and watches, clocks and watches of digital production and life brought great convenience to people, but also greatly expanded the clocks tell the time function of the original. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to study the digital clock and expand its application.
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unreal10 2020-06-20 09:56:44
Description: Simple EMG Prosthetics
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user霸霸 2020-06-19 16:51:55
Description: The design and implementation of java online book purchasing system
Plat: Java | Size: 3927KB | Downloads: 1
y2y 2020-06-18 20:07:00
Description: The simulation operation of vehicle model and control strategy model under real - time working condition is realized
Plat: matlab | Size: 1KB | Downloads: 1
60轨 2020-06-08 19:57:34
Description: Interview skills75 interview logical intelligence test questions with detailed answers
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1z135 2020-06-05 17:00:35
Description: Simple application of analytic hierarchy process, simple input to get the eigenvalue and eigenvector of matrix
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HM7480 2020-06-03 20:04:40
Description: design hfss antenna
Plat: HFSS | Size: 3KB | Downloads: 1
jianyuhuaijin 2020-05-24 17:58:55
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ervaskes 2020-05-23 13:56:20
Description: Solving Economic Load Dispatch Problem Using Particle Swarm Optimization Technique
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mezige 2020-05-20 20:05:29
Description: I am presenting my file here
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wellloso 2020-05-19 22:36:07
Description: PCB IO arduino master control IO port
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ccemy 2020-05-18 03:17:40
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mo3umr 2020-05-17 19:54:25
Description: Elevator using c and microcontroller
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小夫子哟哟 2020-05-17 17:20:01
Description: MapReduce is a programming model for parallel computing of large data sets (greater than 1TB). The concepts "map" and "reduce" are their main ideas. They are borrowed from functional programming language and vector programming language. It greatly facilitates the programmers to run their own programs on the distributed system without distributed parallel programming. The current software implementation is to specify a map function, which is used to map a set of key value pairs into a new set of key value pairs, and specify a concurrent reduce function, which is used to ensure that each of the mapped key value pairs shares the same key group.
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 309KB | Downloads: 0
Sergei86 2020-05-14 07:37:55
Description: Simulating LNA with Agilent ADS
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Sergei86 2020-05-14 07:37:25
Description: Simulating Band Pass Filter with Agilent ADS
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Sergei86 2020-05-14 07:35:57
Description: Simulating Envelope Tracking with Agilent ADS
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Szk1 2020-05-13 11:01:04
Description: SiI8784 Multi-format Analog Video Front-end with HDMI/MHL Transmitter Data Sheet Document # SiI-DS-1122-C (2017) by Lattice Semiconductor
Plat: PDF | Size: 1268KB | Downloads: 0
Szk1 2020-05-13 10:47:55
Description: Texas Instruments The INs and OUTs of the TI Video Interfaces (2009)
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Szk1 2020-05-13 10:32:36
Description: SiI9022A and SiI9024A Transmitter Programming Interface (TPI) Programmer's Reference Document # SiI-PR-1064-A (2011) for ZTE
Plat: PDF | Size: 1452KB | Downloads: 1
Szk1 2020-05-13 10:19:33
Description: SiI9135 HDMI Receiver with Enhanced Audio and Deep Color Outputs Data Sheet Document # SiI-DS-0206-C (2007) for RIET
Plat: PDF | Size: 833KB | Downloads: 0
Szk1 2020-05-13 10:15:20
Description: SiI9134 HDMI Deep Color Transmitter Data Sheet Document # SiI-DS-0193-D (2007) for CAV
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维多利浪 2020-05-10 20:46:46
Description: Using LabVIEW to play sound is fun, and it is also useful in other controls.
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mirelahi 2020-05-10 18:56:03
Description: VHDL_CODE1_abouat_filter
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silverzzz 2020-05-10 15:53:31
Description: Technical document of sthv800 ultrasonic pulse generator, which is used to generate high-pressure ultrasonic pulse and then act on ultrasonic transducer to realize ultrasonic emission
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vhans 2020-05-07 08:38:19
Description: schematics ACER 4750 Board viewer
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