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Description: Home slide settings The background video management page uploads the slide chart and recommends star 5. The recommended picture size is 1680x580. Please refer to the material file in the compressed package. Player size settings 100% for all. Installation method of marine CMS formwork 1. After decompressing the compressed package, upload all the files to the web server or the root directory of the space 2. Please run http: / / domain name / install / index.php to install the program 3. Please delete the installation directory for safety after installation 4. The default directory in the background is / Admin 5. Log in to the background - System - template and path settings, and fill in the template attachment directory
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Description: Secondary development easy language DNF login
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Description: Realize simple account registration, login, PHP + SQL database
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Description: Matlab Learning Routine Source Code Luo Yongfei Edition
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