mohammadfiuzy 2020-02-10 20:55:08
Description: this code describe the Binary Genetic Algorithm
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白桦树 2020-01-18 16:43:40
Description: Intelligent optimization algorithm and MATLAB simulation examples, including evolutionary algorithm, swarm intelligence algorithm, simulated annealing algorithm, tabu search algorithm, neural network algorithm and other program source code
Plat: matlab | Size: 72KB | Downloads: 4
IS4 2020-01-12 12:25:21
Description: RBF neural network optimized by GA
Plat: matlab | Size: 5KB | Downloads: 2
老解 2020-01-06 22:27:57
Description: The concept of genetic algorithm was first proposed by Bagley J.D in 1967. Later, Professor J.H. Holland of Michigan University began to study the mechanism of genetic algorithm (GA) systematically in 1975. Genetic algorithm is a simple simulation of Darwinian biological evolution theory, which follows the principle of "survival of the fittest" and "survival of the fittest". Genetic algorithm simulates the evolution process of an artificial population, and through the mechanism of selection, hybridization and mutation, the population always reaches the optimal (or near optimal) state after several generations.
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initialZ 2020-01-06 17:06:58
Description: Matlab complete genetic algorithm code, decompression can be used
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一叶知东 2019-12-29 23:34:45
Description: This article contains the code and tutorial of gradient descent neural network optimized by genetic algorithm. The content is very rich, including the code that can be run directly and related important reference papers, which can help to understand. It is a very comprehensive and excellent material. Now I share it for you to learn. Thank you!
Plat: matlab | Size: 6141KB | Downloads: 5 2019-12-29 11:15:17
Description: BP, SVM, GA, Pso algorithm could be conducted by MATLAB software, it is very useful to do regression and analysis of data. It can be directly adjusted after the use of parameters, internal test data and use documents, can be directly called.
Plat: matlab | Size: 348KB | Downloads: 3
Anticimin 2019-12-22 15:34:46
Description: Summary of intelligent optimization algorithm
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风雨过后_Andy 2019-12-13 22:53:32
Description: non-linear fitting with BP neural network for MATLAB code
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Hailed 2019-12-03 16:01:11
Description: Using GA to optimize RBF BP network
Plat: matlab | Size: 9KB | Downloads: 5
柠檬520 2019-12-02 17:31:26
Description: This is the optimal solution of genetic algorithm optimization function written in Python
Plat: Python | Size: 18KB | Downloads: 1
mokly1 2019-11-28 14:52:42
Description: The improved genetic algorithm is used to solve the problem of finding the minimum value, drawing the image and so on, which can meet the requirements
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Allcn 2019-11-12 11:42:15
Description: Using genetic algorithm to optimize BP
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kkk0916 2019-10-23 16:59:10
Description: matlab genetic algorithm The program has GUI interface and does not use toolbox
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大大飞侠 2019-10-18 15:13:24
Description: GA optimization code,GA can be used in various fields, a wide range of use, high optimization efficiency, so that people widely used.
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learning1 2019-10-16 12:46:10
Description: Include the implementation file of GA. It is written in m file, which is convenient to call.
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TXC2 2019-09-24 22:44:49
Description: Using MATLAB to compile genetic algorithm to solve multi-objective optimization problems
Plat: matlab | Size: 2KB | Downloads: 8
东大人 2019-09-18 16:58:13
Description: This document includes a combination of genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimization algorithm. It combines the advantages of the two algorithms to optimize the function and can be run directly.
Plat: matlab | Size: 2KB | Downloads: 9
东大人 2019-09-18 16:56:05
Description: This document includes genetic algorithm, particle swarm optimization algorithm, using two algorithms to optimize the function separately, which can be run directly.
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1杨阳 2019-08-19 11:27:54
Description: Identification of Lorentz System Parameters
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风筝有风123 2019-08-15 17:08:39
Description: Solving flexible shop scheduling problem with improved genetic algorithm
Plat: Python | Size: 36KB | Downloads: 7
Ulaqf 2019-08-02 23:50:04
Description: Using GUI of MATLAB to design interface graphics with input and output functions, realizing the visibility of isometric line is very strong, and it is very worthwhile to study the data and graphics independently written by oneself, realizing GA PCA BP and SVM compressed image, MATLAB language
Plat: Visual C++ | Size: 81KB | Downloads: 4
mili123SAG 2019-07-25 15:10:38
Description: matlab code for gfdm
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jierbaby 2019-07-24 19:36:10
Description: GA SVM classification
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