bens082002 2019-10-31 05:05:00
Description: Performance analysis of photovoltaic based submersible water pump
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pescadito22 2019-06-28 03:36:13
Plat: IDL | Size: 39KB | Downloads: 0
ucha 2019-06-25 11:34:05
Description: watermark using dct
Plat: MultiPlatform | Size: 17KB | Downloads: 0
ucha 2019-06-25 11:31:34
Description: watermarking for image
Plat: matlab | Size: 24KB | Downloads: 0
千大佬 2019-05-30 09:22:07
Description: It can be used to write programs. It's very convenient for beginners.
Plat: Java | Size: 43420KB | Downloads: 0
jjthonet 2019-05-30 01:22:56
Description: remove watermark software installation files
Plat: WINDOWS | Size: 22KB | Downloads: 0
mokhlesi 2019-05-24 14:39:59
Description: this code calculate error bit betwen two picture
Plat: matlab | Size: 4KB | Downloads: 0
zaroual 2019-05-13 05:31:03
Description: code about watermarking
Plat: matlab | Size: 74KB | Downloads: 0
sowsow 2019-04-25 17:53:45
Description: Chaotic maps for watermark generation, to be embedded in host image
Plat: matlab | Size: 11KB | Downloads: 0
NO.2 2018-12-21 20:05:30
Description: Adding text watermarking to photos can set text font and color, and change the location of watermarking.
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 3463KB | Downloads: 0
MANIKANDAN 2018-10-27 14:06:16
Description: The first one consists of an uncontrolled diode rectifier followed by a dc-dc converter [4], which has some major drawbacks. Using diode rectifier will result in high Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) values for generator currents and high ripples in the torque waveform as well. It is also impossible to independently control d- and q-axis currents by this configuration. The second configuration uses a controllable rectifier and does not have the above mentioned problems of the first configuration
Plat: Perl | Size: 79KB | Downloads: 2
MANIKANDAN 2018-10-27 13:49:57
Description: OVER the last decade, big data has gained special attention from both academia and research community.With the massive increase of data in various fields, big data generally consists of multi-source, heterogeneous, dynamic datasets, and possesses some specific
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haraon 2018-10-04 21:44:45
Description: is code about watermarking image authentication
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qazxswedcvfr654654 2018-09-11 18:15:29
Description: blind audio watermark matlab code .
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巧克力棒棒糖 2018-07-13 10:31:21
Description: The digital watermark embedded extraction process I wrote myself, which uses the contourlet transform, is helpful for learning the introduction of digital watermarking.
Plat: matlab | Size: 819KB | Downloads: 4
Steven Tang 2018-07-12 17:36:22
Description: add watermark to image, implemented by Java language.
Plat: Java | Size: 1KB | Downloads: 0
broken123 2018-05-25 19:22:22
Description: Adding a watermark to a picture
Plat: Python | Size: 6606KB | Downloads: 1
杰出的流年 2018-05-21 22:03:20
Description: The watermark can be added using wavelet transform and singular value decomposition, and the quality of the watermark can be calculated.
Plat: matlab | Size: 2686KB | Downloads: 15
ice冰。 2018-05-20 10:17:32
Description: Watermark embedding and extraction of image, you can continue to change with me a little bit
Plat: matlab | Size: 600KB | Downloads: 1
viaticosoft 2018-05-17 01:35:35
Description: windows remover watermark
Plat: WINDOWS | Size: 21KB | Downloads: 0
llssong626 2018-04-10 11:26:10
Description: Embedded watermark using DCT DWT and DFT algorithm
Plat: Python | Size: 4KB | Downloads: 7
zyf812 2018-04-04 00:04:48
Description: Image reversible watermarking based on integer wavelet transform is very useful. It has strong reversibility and finds information by itself.
Plat: matlab | Size: 4KB | Downloads: 19
林啊林 2018-03-27 17:15:53
Description: The watermark is added to the picture. The watermark is visible, and the size and location / path of the digital watermark can be adjusted.
Plat: Java | Size: 7KB | Downloads: 3
学数 2018-03-22 21:39:51
Description: Can be used to remove the watermark on the picture, have a better effect.
Plat: matlab | Size: 133KB | Downloads: 4
EdmondT 2018-03-13 10:11:45
Description: This is a simple example that a watermark is added in a picture with the Eigenvalue Decomposition method.
Plat: matlab | Size: 24KB | Downloads: 7
malvina 2018-03-04 11:02:27
Description: Scale.m: Audio adding watermark Scale_tiqu.m: audio watermark extraction with watermark Jiazao_tiqu.m: after adding the watermark to the random noise, the watermark is extracted Jianqie_tiqu.m: the watermark is extracted after the watermark is added to the audio
Plat: matlab | Size: 5835KB | Downloads: 21
jkfdr 2018-02-26 04:44:00
Description: directories Suggest-directories
Plat: C++ | Size: 42KB | Downloads: 1
pgjisdffgdpj 2018-01-20 17:21:21
Description: Sending mail source code developed by c# .net 4.0
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