simin2323 2020-05-16 15:27:17
Description: This is an uninstalled version of Visual Basic Portable. No need to install. It can be used immediately by disassembling only compression.
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princeham 2020-05-07 00:24:17
Description: how to net draw shapes in visual studion net 2010
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princeham 2020-05-07 00:22:10
Description: simple sins can document from scanner which you connect from desptop
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syarif 2020-05-05 08:43:21
Description: barcode reader whit serial com
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Vivian771 2020-04-29 21:43:40
Description: Using VB, we can realize a bank savings system, which can log in, change the card number and password, open a savings account, withdraw money from fixed (current) deposits, and output the detailed statement.
Plat: Visual Basic | Size: 131KB | Downloads: 0
zbooo 2020-04-28 16:26:45
Description: VB obtains the coordinates of the mouse pointer, displays the mouse coordinates in the window in time, and moves the mouse to display the coordinate information in time, which is to calculate the pixel value of the point passed by the mouse
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zbooo 2020-04-28 16:25:31
Description: The source code of the Kalman filter program written by VB. Every time the data source changes, the sub-function is triggered. After the initial definition, the filter value is obtained, and then the optimal deviation at the K + 1 time is automatically calculated, and then assigned to text1, which is the optimal The deviation always changes, and this iteration is triggered and driven by changes in the data source.
Plat: Visual Basic | Size: 5KB | Downloads: 1
yt555 2020-04-28 16:10:26
Description: Vb read and write dongle data, two examples of source code, one is to read data from the dongle, one is to write data to the dongle
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64533 2020-04-28 07:16:13
Description: VB produces real-time online broadcasts and requires Windows Media Encorder 9 to run. Video stream encoding and decoding functions are required.
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64533 2020-04-28 07:13:52
Description: Edit the lyrics file and write it into the V3 source code of the M3U file. You can edit the M3U file of the MP3, you can quote the external M3U file to modify its content, or you can delete the content of the M3U file.
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Murad?m 2020-04-27 12:16:48
Description: Use Visual Basic Language
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mvridolfi 2020-04-24 02:40:31
Description: 100 projects samples visual basic
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mvridolfi 2020-04-24 02:38:44
Description: Visual basic 2010 book in pdf
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mvridolfi 2020-04-24 02:35:44
Description: programacion Visual studio pdf
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iMuseum 2020-04-21 12:29:43
Description: i will never steal projects that i love from animals or people
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吉祥思贤 2020-04-17 21:59:07
Description: The annual meeting lottery program written by visual basic is used in the evening party. It is very practical.
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DGHill 2020-04-17 11:39:32
Description: Page208-3,if you want to complete your homework but you don't how to do it,have a look.
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w.kafa 2020-04-14 13:41:38
Description: Nonlinear analysis, stability, and control by Shankar Sastry (
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sxae 2020-04-14 11:45:59
Description: some apps A few small procedures, for reference only, just started to use VB to try
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徐哲i 2020-04-08 19:35:51
Description: VB.NETVC source code to dynamically fill ListView with data from different data sources
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chh32 2020-04-02 08:53:09
Description: An 8-bit audio extraction program written by vb, suitable for intercepting multiple paragraphs of English textbooks into a database, with source code.
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chh32 2020-04-02 08:51:34
Description: GDI + load transparent PNG images and use the API to implement the form breathing light effect
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kojji 2020-04-01 14:23:01
Description: There are functions such as line rotation, box rotation, box generation, taking line angle, etc
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zhaqon 2020-03-30 15:15:20
Description: Programming Snake game with Visual Basic
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zhaqon 2020-03-27 16:47:22
Description: Using visual basic software to make label font larger
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yhn998 2020-03-23 09:46:13
Description: visual basic beginner code, output hello world.
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yhn998 2020-03-23 09:35:06
Description: visual basic tutorial for beginners, vb graphic interface design.
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yhn998 2020-03-23 09:33:44
Description: Two-dimensional implementation of vb stl slicing applet
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yhn998 2020-03-23 09:32:10
Description: Application of VB programming applet realized by beginners, vb lottery applet
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