Sifer 2018-12-18 17:11:56
Description: A simple, yet lucid, extension of black and white density slicing is to use colours to highlight brightness value ranges, rather than simple grey levels. That is known as colour density slicing. Provided the colours are chosen suitably, it can allow fine detail to be made immediately apparent. It is a particularly simple operation to implement by establishing three brightness value mapping functions in the manner indicated in Fig. 4.17. Here one function is applied to each of the colour primaries used in the display device. An example of the use of colour density slicing, again for bathymetric purposes, is given in Fig. 4.l8. The technique is also used to give a colour rendition to black and white imagery. It is then usually called pseudocolouring. Where possible this uses as many distinct hues as there are brightness values in the image. In this way the contours introduced by density slicing are avoided. It is of value in perception if the hues used are graded continuously.
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yewk123 2018-12-17 11:37:33
Description: Image processing based on OpenCV
Plat: C-C++ | Size: 3464KB | Downloads: 0
dongshao 2018-12-15 11:21:47
Description: This document introduces a no-reference quality evaluation method for distorted blurred images in image processing
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localeh 2018-12-14 08:45:08
Description: Fourier transform, inverse Fourier transform, discrete cosine transform, inverse discrete cosine transform and Walsh-Hada transform are performed on 256 pixel gray-scale bitmap
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RJcehui 2018-12-11 00:23:19
Description: edge detection with canny algorithm
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背光而行 2018-12-08 23:35:58
Description: A kind of image processing software developed by C# includes mean filtering, median filtering, edge extraction and sharpening.
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琪强321 2018-12-08 21:26:48
Description: Implementing basic image reading and transformation NDVI, etc.
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墨墨sky 2018-12-07 10:42:34
Description: The canny edge detection program written by myself is very helpful for understanding the process of canny detection.
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ghostalien 2018-12-04 08:29:25
Description: The main function of an image processing method is to copy the selected area of one image (polygon, rectangle, circle, ellipse) to the designated position of another image. Auxiliary functions of this program (area or full map): Image brightness, saturation, color balance, contrast, gray adjustment. Functional mirror of image: reflection (negative), exposure, relief, sculpture, blur, sharpening, purple, ghost. Edge blurring, rotation, image scaling, image clipping (rectangular area). Envelope printing.
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悲催的猫 2018-12-03 16:08:41
Description: An image filtering algorithm can effectively remove the influence of noise.
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悲催的猫 2018-12-03 15:53:19
Description: An unconstrained sparse image reconstruction algorithm is proposed.
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悲催的猫 2018-12-03 15:44:44
Description: In this paper, the principle of rotation invariant space algorithm is elaborated in detail.
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localeh 2018-12-03 10:12:46
Description: Process the building and the water, combine them to a building reflection in the water.
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2018-11-26 11:45:54
Description: Infrared small target detection of the acquired infrared image, extracting small targets
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2018-11-26 11:32:23
Description: Split all connected domains in the image for multi-target detection
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别致先生 2018-11-22 10:01:05
Description: About 3D reconstruction of C++ code, it can generate three-dimensional point cloud.
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VPRO123 2018-11-20 11:33:34
Description: Extracting coordinates of positioning circle in image processing
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YEHX 2018-11-14 12:51:35
Description: An image processing software, including Fourier transform, license plate recognition and other functions.
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YEHX 2018-11-14 12:47:50
Description: It contains the program of each image processing expert VC++, digital recognition software.
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YEHX 2018-11-14 12:42:15
Description: A classic algorithm including image processing MATLAB program, including Fourier transform, etc.
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夜雨殇 2018-11-14 10:05:36
Description: Based on canny operator edge detection for image processing, edge segmentation, and so on
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远1920 2018-11-13 17:21:31
Description: Image motion blur, full inverse filtering, threshold filtering, Wiener filtering
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墨墨sky 2018-11-12 22:41:00
Description: The combination of two-dimensional maximum entropy and cross-entropy is helpful to improve the stability of threshold selection in image segmentation.
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foraiur 2018-11-12 12:56:31
Description: DIcom image becomes mesh and DICOM image is drawn.
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23t4tf 2018-11-12 09:41:14
Description: This is a Delphi development of the graphics software ImageSee v1.0 source code, ImageSee is similar to the well-known ACDSEE, not only has a variety of graphics, but also supports simple image processing. This is the source code for version 1.
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一蓑烟雨bmm 2018-11-09 17:56:44
Description: Image processing, image filtering, underwater target recognition and pattern recognition are carried out based on image processing algorithm.
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一念之间的微笑 2018-11-02 16:07:03
Description: The complete code for image edge detection works fine
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户凡 2018-10-31 08:52:11
Description: Detection of stratified interface in blood after centrifugation using OpenCV
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