Kirill Moroz 2017-08-17 21:22:53
Description: DRR3 peripheral test for Microblaze processor on Spartan-6
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??? 2017-08-14 13:50:53
Description: cctv otu top source source block
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??? 2017-08-14 13:45:21
Description: cctv otu tx block vhdl source
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郭会青 2017-08-13 17:08:57
Description: Using weighted model nodes in the network strength and weight are power law distribution, Using matlab written narrowband noise occurs, There are cycle detection, periodic testing.
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刘宗明 2017-08-13 15:42:28
Description: To achieve the recognition of 10 digital sound, A noise auxiliary data analysis method, The received signal is given eye and BER simulation systems.
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刘宗明 2017-08-13 15:42:15
Description: University of numerical analysis algorithms, Use serial programming examples matlab GUI implementation, Gabor wavelet transform and PCA face recognition code.
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木杰金 2017-08-13 09:07:36
Description: It draws on principal component analysis algorithm (PCA), LZ complexity is reflected in a time sequence, Image optical flow calculation matlab program.
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来伏奇 2017-08-12 22:12:19
Description: Code, there are very complete notes and explanations Very suitable for the study using computer vision, Achieve serial data acquisition.
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李有 2017-08-12 21:43:16
Description: LFM pulse compression of the Matlab program, Including the final calculation of the compressed image peak signal to noise ratio and compression of the source, Achieve a grayscale image and further control for video surveillance.
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chijiahao 2017-08-11 22:02:08
Description: iasdnan asalkac aklmac
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chijiahao 2017-08-11 22:00:49
Description: ascacaavavavaDADASDAFAVAVVA
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2017-08-10 11:02:44
Description: Arbitrary integer frequency divider, output square wave adjustable duty cycle (has been simulated under board verification), the first factor for the frequency division coefficient, the second for the high level, the proportion of the whole square wave
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2017-08-10 10:10:49
Description: Traffic light design based on VHDL state machine (simulation download, experimental board test)
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懂不 2017-08-10 09:19:00
Description: FFT VHDL full set of code, you can pass the test, no problem, just download
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王勇国 2017-08-09 22:24:17
Description: Using weighted model nodes in the network strength and weight are power law distribution, matlab wavelet analysis program, Various kalman filter design.
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范芳侠 2017-08-09 21:32:44
Description: Is a practical method of path planning, The method of cumulative contribution rate For feature reduction, feature fusion, correlation analysis.
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Dmitriy Pershin 2017-08-09 01:12:17
Description: spiVerilog A Verilog SPI module
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ruslan 2017-08-08 22:17:23
Description: -- Description : -- The controller simplifies the communication with FT245R chip. While -- provided interface is very similar to that of the chip itself, -- this controller takes care of all the delays and other aspects of -- FT245R's protocol as well as provifes separate ports for input and -- output.
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p 2017-08-08 09:48:42
Description: a color transform tasks such as CIE XYZ<->RGB, different RGB<->RGB and RGB<->YCbCr operations. The main part of color conversions from one to another color system concludes in 3x3 matrix multiplication with vector addition. Therefore the present core performs true 3x3 matrix multiplication and vectors addition of the input data stream.
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Bela Dubey 2017-08-01 20:13:05
Description: Built in self test to such that it generates non redundant inputs to tester using the concept of galois based primitive polynomial.
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Mustapha 2017-08-01 17:56:57
Description: Layout of linux hgudjka
Plat: Windows_Unix | Size: 25KB | Downloads: 0
孙磊 2017-07-20 17:22:04
Description: VHDL language used to read and write operations controller SDRAM and its simple test sequence.
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高婉丽 2017-07-19 20:59:50
Description: hex add/sub counter(show 0-15)
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高婉丽 2017-07-19 20:52:42
Description: adder with overflow hint
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