sinamo 2019-05-13 16:34:38
Description: A practical automatic ringing system compiled by VHDL.
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Candimc 2019-05-13 16:30:05
Description: The general LZO compression algorithm is better than Hoffman algorithm, and it is easy to use.
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rnebace 2019-05-13 16:21:56
Description: This is a currency calculator! This is a currency number calculator!
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VDFQmpghb-07779 2019-05-13 16:12:42
Description: Learn more about mpeg 4, MPEG 4 technology white paper, with reference significance, OK.
Plat: C++ | Size: 437KB | Downloads: 1
ITbrwg+67110 2019-05-13 15:43:32
Description: There is a simple cpu design development process! There's code in it, and analysis.
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 76KB | Downloads: 2
Parkir 2019-05-13 15:37:02
Description: Good, recommended download generally, reluctantly available classification location error file is completely inconsistent with the description
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qxasen 2019-05-13 14:47:31
Description: Windows xp enthusiasts can refer to Windows XP's pure DOS dream
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cmaenx 2019-05-13 14:42:32
Description: We often see a lot of candidates writing on their resumes in a three-tier architecture.
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 13KB | Downloads: 2
comxrwe 2019-05-13 14:35:35
Description: Write the USB interface communication program with VC
Plat: C/C++ | Size: 153KB | Downloads: 1
promevueal 2019-05-13 14:23:58
Description: SVG is a tool for graphic programming in the future, which can easily generate reports and so on.
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vrirrlda 2019-05-13 14:17:18
Description: The Implementation of ANN bp Algorithm unde
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gxllq%26583156 2019-05-13 14:08:25
Description: PDF converted to Word, standard C, platform independent
Plat: C++ | Size: 313KB | Downloads: 2
oddobgi 2019-05-13 13:37:26
Description: Cp210x non-standard baud rate setting tool CP210x Baud Rate Configuration Utility v1, 0,
Plat: C++ | Size: 51KB | Downloads: 1
proroeyjas 2019-04-22 20:08:14
Description: Music design of the DOS under the program, display keyboard press cow, quick password.
Plat: matlab | Size: 25KB | Downloads: 0
Hzrace 2019-04-22 19:48:41
Description: The computer carries on the graph calculation, the processing and the display correlation principle and the algorithm, constitutes its main research content,
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jazon 2019-04-22 19:32:11
Description: TC2 implementation of DOS multitasking function, including all the source code, good source code
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jazon 2019-04-22 19:30:39
Description: The following instructions are extended on the TEC-2 teaching machine, including determining the format and content of the instructions
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Gpnes 2019-04-22 19:22:27
Description: Multitasking is not supported in the DOS system itself, and this source program is a simple routine for implementing multitasking in DOS
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kzcmlane 2019-04-22 14:19:46
Description: This is a photo of a general purpose timercounter card you c
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vecay 2019-04-22 14:13:31
Description: This is a photo of a general purpose timer is in the program we wrote.
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vecay 2019-04-22 14:10:59
Description: The detailed explanation of DOS core interrupt has a good guiding role for comrades who use DOS interrupt programming.
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zsy+87475 2019-04-22 00:57:03
Description: mei sm ke yi shuo de zi ji kan kan jiu zhidao le han hua bao
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qjlayj 2019-01-05 20:56:44
Description: This procedure is about qam demodulation program in c language I hope you can use
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uhwindiw 2019-01-05 18:59:15
Description: Serial Communication and Decoding of GPS Module with single Chip Microcompute
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SIRuke%25252B954651 2019-01-05 18:48:14
Description: AD converts data, looks great, and shares it with you.
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