anbao 2017-06-03 21:48:05
Description: 1.2.1 main content Design a temperature measuring device with PSoc device. The system can detect the environment temperature and display the temperature in real-time environment through the LCD display screen. 1.2.2 basic requirements (1) learning PSoC principles and methods of use, master the use of PSoC, Express and PSoC Designer; (2) a typical system consisting of Psoc devices is designed. The download circuit and the LCD display circuit are included (3) master the basic principle of temperature sensor (LM35) and connection circuit. (4) design PSoC analog and digital circuits, and write applications; (5) welding circuit and debugging circuit; (6) test the design result and analyze. Using PSoC Designer for design and development. The design includes signal acquisition, data processing and display.
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