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Description:   The RL-ARM™ User s Guide contains detailed information about the components of the RealView® Real-Time Library (RL-ARM). This manual contains the following chapters. RL-RTX describes the operating system (RTOS) component of RL-ARM. It describes task priorities, context switching, how to manage several jobs (tasks) on a single CPU, and the other RTOS features available in RL-RTX. RL-FlashFS describes the Flash File System component of RL-ARM. It describes how to create, save, read, and modify files stored on standard flash, RAM, or memory card devices. RL-TCPnet describes the TCP/IP Protocol Stack Suite component of RL-ARM. It describes the various TCP/IP features, and helps you create embedded applications that can connect to the internet. RL-CAN describes the Controller Area Network (CAN) driver component of RL-ARM. It describes how to build CAN applications using the RTX kernel. Example Programs lists a few RL-ARM example programs and describes how you can tes

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