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Description:   Abstract This paper introduces the single-chip AT89S51 temperature controller at the core of the design, in the design of high-precision temperature sensor AD590 temperature of the heating boiler accurate measurement of real-time, using ultra-low temperature drift, high-precision operational amplifier OP07 temperature Part of the use of PID control algorithms, real-time PWM control output parameter update and control the on-off Thyristor time, finally achieve the high-precision control of temperature. 【Key Words】 temperature control system PID control of single-chip Temperature control is the process of industrial production often encountered in process control, and some of its process control temperature of a direct impact on the quality of the product and thus more desirable to design a temperature control system is very valuable. 1 System design of the demonstration and comparison programs According to the subject requirements, electric boiler temperature control syste

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Electric boiler temperature controller design
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