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Description:   MT4 intelligent robot Multi Strategy EA, which comes from foreign commercial software, contains two indicators and one EA in the compression package. The parameter settings are in English. The parameters are relatively complex. After adjustment, profits can be achieved. Don't ask me how to adjust them. If you can't adjust the parameters, you can use the indicator trading system, Many EA is not the problem of EA itself, but many people will not set and adjust the parameters, the author of this system test effect is very ideal. According to the trend of the market adjustment parameters have been three years in a row to achieve stable profits, it is recommended to download patient adjustment parameters, there may be unexpected harvest! MT4 intelligent robot Multi Strategy EA is only for research and reference.

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Multi StrategyEA, 0 , 2020-12-30
Multi StrategyEA\Damiani_volatmeter.ex4, 9488 , 2020-12-24
Multi StrategyEA\MACD.ex4, 10916 , 2020-12-24
Multi StrategyEA\Multi Strategy.ex4, 181686 , 2020-12-30
Multi StrategyEA\说明.txt, 297 , 2020-12-30

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