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Description:   STM32F0 outputs 3 channels of the same frequency PWM waves, and the duty cycle phase output can be set at will. For example, the duty cycle of three channels is output. After the duty cycle of the first channel is output, the duty cycle of the second channel is output, and then the third channel is output after the duty cycle of the second channel is finished.

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STM32F0三通道输出相位任意配置的PWM输出\Untitled-1.c, 6908 , 2020-11-30
STM32F0三通道输出相位任意配置的PWM输出\b1249f900d3a5bede0101d5f919f421.png, 6547 , 2020-11-30
STM32F0三通道输出相位任意配置的PWM输出\b73c2fdce67bae14c8910c69454b7c1.png, 6643 , 2020-11-30
STM32F0三通道输出相位任意配置的PWM输出, 0 , 2020-11-30

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