Directory: Game Program
Plat: C/C++
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Upload time: 2020-06-29 19:08:10
Uploader: 宿宿lyy
Description:   Li Xiaoyao, the protagonist, was born in a small fishing village in Yuhang county and brought up by his aunt. Because of the relationship between aunts and inns, there are more heroes in Xiaoyao, who want to be a just Ranger (actually a shopkeeper who sleeps all day). By chance, I got acquainted with jiujianxian, and learned the imperial sword technique. One day when his aunt suddenly fell ill, the guest at the hotel instructed him to go to Xianling island to beg for Dan.

File list:
engine.cpp, 3693 , 2020-06-29
engine.h, 1207 , 2020-06-29
resource.h, 452 , 2020-06-29
sprite.cpp, 4919 , 2020-06-29
sprite.h, 3068 , 2020-06-29
bitmap.cpp, 4246 , 2020-06-29
bitmap.h, 825 , 2020-06-29
demo.cpp, 11525 , 2020-06-29

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