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Description:   This tool is used to edit EEPROM, modify MAC address, power regulation and other parameters of LAN, Wan and WiFi. The setting item is channel power enhancement, not power calibration data, which can be modified at ease. Use help: 1. Turn on the router SSH or telnet and log in to the router. 2. Command line input cat / proc / MTD, get ROM partition information. 3. Query the device name corresponding to the factory partition. Pay attention to case sensitivity. 4. Backup factory partition 5. Download the backup file to the local area. You can use SSH or copy it directly to the root directory of the U disk and then copy it through the local area network. 6. Use this tool to modify the power and upload it to the router. 7. Write factory data to the router.

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MT7620_EEPROM编辑器.exe, 303431 , 2015-03-14
Factory.bin, 65536 , 2015-03-14

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