Approximate low-rank projection1

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Description:   Feature extraction plays a significant role in pattern recognition. Recently, many representation-based feature extraction methods have been proposed and achieved successes in many applications. As an excellent unsupervised feature extraction method, latent low-rank representation (LatLRR) has shown its power in extracting salient features

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Approximate low-rank projection\Approximate Low-Rank Projection Learning for Feature Extraction.pdf, 2755969 , 2019-12-26
Approximate low-rank projection\Supervised\Pre_label.m, 332 , 2015-08-24
Approximate low-rank projection\Supervised\Recognition_LatLRR.m, 1852 , 2016-03-02
Approximate low-rank projection\Unsupervised\Improve_LRR.m, 1724 , 2015-06-21
Approximate low-rank projection\Supervised, 0 , 2020-01-21
Approximate low-rank projection\Unsupervised, 0 , 2020-01-21
Approximate low-rank projection, 0 , 2020-02-01

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