Practical Common Lisp

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Description:   Practical Common Lisp programming written by Seibel is an unusual introduction to common lisp. Practical Common Lisp programming starts from the author's learning process and language history, and then describes various basic knowledge in 21 chapters, mainly including: various implementations of repl and Common Lisp, S-EXPRESSION, function and variable, standard macro and custom macro, number and character, string, set and vector, list processing, file and file I / O processing, class, format Formats, symbols and packages, and so on. The next nine chapters introduce several representative examples, including how to build a garbage filter, parse binary files, build an ID3 parser, and how to write a complete MP3 web application. In the end, it extends some of the contents not introduced. The content of practical Common Lisp programming is suitable for Common Lisp beginners and interested persons.

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