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Description:   1. In the "Dll Files" folder, the DLL file WinTcpS7_Smart. DLL and its subordinate resource files are to be referenced. 2. WinTcpS7_Smart.DLL is an ActiveX component, which only needs to be registered without header files. 3. Provide three routines of VB2010, VB6 and C # 2010 corresponding to folders "TcpClient VB2010", "TcpClient VB6-SP6", "TcpClient C # 2010"; 4. Namespace: WinTcpS7Smart. PlcClient; 5. There are DLL files that need to be referenced in each routine project directory. Before opening the routine, please find the file and register it as system resource. 6. DLL files and "MSWINSCK.OCX", "msvbvm60.dll" must be registered in the same directory. The registration method is shown in Chapter 6.2 of PDF Manual.

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