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Description:   Based on the GUI interface of matlab, this paper designs an algorithm for kinematics, dynamics and trajectory planning of 6-DOF serial robot. Users can calculate the forward and inverse kinematics, forward and inverse dynamics and specified trajectory planning of PUMA560 robot. At the same time, they can animate the point-to-point motion path of the robot. The program can be redeveloped. Users can modify parameters according to different robot models, and calculate and simulate kinematics, dynamics and trajectory planning of their own models.

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PUMA560simulink\puma560_control.fig, 8894 , 2011-05-05
PUMA560simulink\puma560_control.m, 29319 , 2011-05-05
PUMA560simulink\puma560_gui.fig, 3355 , 2008-11-19
PUMA560simulink\puma560_gui.m, 4747 , 2008-11-19
PUMA560simulink, 0 , 2018-04-27

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