WOA CSV data read

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Description:   This program file package takes the reading and drawing of flat images of SST data of spring, summer, autumn and winter SST data in kuroshio area of WOA database as an example, reads CSV file data to draw SST plan of global SST, which is also applicable to the reading and drawing of general CSV files, and provides a way to construct lattice point matrix to place scattered point data.

File list:
woa13_decav_t14mn04v2_summertemp_heriom.m, 1279 , 2018-11-22
woa13_decav_t15mn04v2_autumntemp_heriom.m, 1279 , 2018-11-22
woa13_decav_t16mn04v2_wintertemp_heriom.m, 1279 , 2018-11-29
woa13_decav_t13mn04v2_springtemp_heriom.m, 1311 , 2018-12-02

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