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Description:   (1) Generate a sequence of instructions with 320 instructions by the following method. Randomly select the starting point and access M. B. sequential access M + 1 between the command addresses of [1 and 32k-2]; C. Randomly select M1 and M1 access. D in [0 and M-1]. Sequential access M1 + 1; E. Randomly select M2 and access M2. F. in [M1 + 2 and 32K - 2]. Sequential access M2 + 1; G. Repeat AF until 320 instructions are executed. The instruction sequence is converted to page address setting: (1) page size is 1K; (2) the number of memory page blocks allocated to users is 4 to 32 pages, and step (3) the virtual storage capacity of users is 32K.3. Calculate and output the hit rate of the following algorithms under different storage blocks A. FIFO page replacement algorithm B. The recently unused (LRU) page replacement algorithm C. Best (Best) page replacement algorithm

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