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Description:   Contiki is a dedicated network node operating system developed by the Swedish Institute of Computer Science. Since the release of version 1.0 in 2003, Contiki has developed rapidly and has become a complete operating system, including file system Coffee, network protocol stack uIP and Rime, network simulator COOJA, and released a new version 2.6 in 2012. Contiki is developed by standard C language and has strong portability. It has been ported to many platforms, including 8051, MSP430, AVR, ARM, and has been widely used. In addition, Contiki integrates the Protothreads lightweight thread model and event mechanism perfectly. The Proththreads mechanism makes the system occupy very little memory. The event mechanism guarantees the low power consumption of the system. It is very suitable for resource-constrained and power-sensitive sensor networks.

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