AutoCAD ActiveX 和 VBA 参考

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Description:   Since AutoCAD support using ActiveX development, VBA to become an alternative developers. VBA to its characteristics of easy to learn to understand quickly become novice programmer's first choice. In order to let the beginners to master the VBA development more quickly, Ming the passage translation once in 2001 years the ActiveX and VBA developer's guide to all of the content. The object model in order to let users have a more profound understanding more comprehensive, Ming through channels continue to translate all the ActiveX and VBA reference content. Because the job is busy, plus the ActiveX and VBA reference content very much, the ActiveX and VBA reference the translation work for a year and a half, stop for a long time. In order to make every word can exactly reflect the characteristics of the object model, many of the ActiveX and VBA reference content after several times of modification.

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