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Description:   Based on Arduino, the ATmega328P is connected to the external EEPROM memory of the AT24CXX series I2C communication on the hardware, and can be connected to the DS1302 timer chip for second-level timing. Each time the startup time is fixed, the time displayed by the serial port is used for timing. The N/16 group (page) data is written once through the I2C bus, and the program that is continuously read through the serial port can be tested normally, and there is no problem.

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testat24c_16_1, 0 , 2018-09-02
testat24c_16_1\DS1302.h, 5453 , 2012-05-23
testat24c_16_1\testat24c_16_1.ino, 3081 , 2018-07-20

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