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Description:   Underwater target detection method based on discrete fractional Brown random field model. According to the fractal theory and the characteristics of underwater images, the method takes every image in the image. A pixel is taken as the center to take the window, and the mean value of the fractal dimension in the window is calculated. The mean value is taken as the fractal characteristic of the central pixel, and then according to the fractal dimension. The number distribution map determines the segmentation threshold, so as to realize underwater image segmentation, and normalizing the average value of the gray scale difference under different scales of the target surface. Chemical processing reduces the mean absolute value of the gray scale difference data at different scales, thus improving the detection efficiency of the algorithm.

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Harris.m, 1967 , 2018-07-08
基于离散分数布朗随机场的水下图像目标检测_张铁栋[1].pdf, 1670748 , 2018-07-08

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