process scheduler.

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Description:   Using C language to write and debug a simple process scheduler. Using C language program, select the number of priority scheduling algorithm or a simple round robin scheduling the five process, each process is running (Run), ready (Ready) and complete (Finish) one of the three states, the initial state and assume a ready state. The scheduler should contain 2~3 different scheduling algorithms, which can be selected at runtime to facilitate the analysis and comparison of various algorithms. The basic requirements are: priority number scheduling algorithm and simple cycle rotation method. The process readiness queue is set up, and the different algorithms are compiled into the chain subroutines. At the same time, the change of the running state and parameters of each process should be displayed or printed to facilitate the observation of the scheduling process of each process.

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实验一 进程调度算法, 0 , 2018-05-24
实验一 进程调度算法\Debug, 0 , 2018-05-24
实验一 进程调度算法\Debug\vc60.idb, 74752 , 2017-11-21
实验一 进程调度算法\Debug\vc60.pdb, 110592 , 2017-11-21
实验一 进程调度算法\Debug\进程调度算法.exe, 561245 , 2017-11-21
实验一 进程调度算法\Debug\进程调度算法.ilk, 807764 , 2017-11-21
实验一 进程调度算法\Debug\进程调度算法.obj, 272450 , 2017-11-21
实验一 进程调度算法\Debug\进程调度算法.pch, 2093464 , 2017-11-21
实验一 进程调度算法\Debug\进程调度算法.pdb, 1131520 , 2017-11-21
实验一 进程调度算法\优先调度测试结果.png, 62939 , 2017-11-21
实验一 进程调度算法\时间轮转测试结果.png, 78021 , 2017-11-21
实验一 进程调度算法\进程调度算法.cpp, 5438 , 2017-12-21

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