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Description:   The Otsu method (the maximum inter class variance method, sometimes also known as the Otsu algorithm) uses the idea of clustering. The gray level of the image is divided into 2 parts according to the gray level, which makes the difference of the gray value between the two parts maximum, the gray difference between each part is the smallest, and the calculation of variance to find a suitable gray level. To divide. Therefore, we can use the Otsu algorithm to automatically select the threshold value for two value in the two value transformation.

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images for segmentation\coins.jpg, 423390 , 2016-04-29
images for segmentation\coins2.jpg, 214002 , 2016-04-29
images for segmentation\fenge1.rar, 414 , 2018-05-13
images for segmentation\hand_ct.jpg, 25581 , 2016-04-29
images for segmentation\Number%2Bplate%2B.jpg, 243563 , 2016-04-29
images for segmentation\Thumbs.db, 81920 , 2018-05-13
images for segmentation\timg.jpg, 485892 , 2018-05-13
images for segmentation, 0 , 2018-05-13

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