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Description:   This class is used to control the serial port file resources. This class provides synchronous and event driven I/O, access to pins and interrupt States, and access to serial driver properties. In addition, such functions can be wrapped in an internal Stream object, which can be accessed by accessing the BaseStream attribute and passing to the class that wrapper or use the stream. The SerialPort class supports the following code: ASCIIEncoding, UTF8Encoding, UnicodeEncoding, UTF32Encoding, and in which the code page is less than 50000 or the code page is 54936 mscorlib.dll to define any encoding. You can use alternate encoding, but you must use the ReadByte or Write method and execute your own encoding. You use the GetPortNames method to retrieve the valid port of the current computer. If the SerialPort object is blocked, the thread is not terminated during the read operation. Instead, close the underlying stream or release the SerialPort object.

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