Forex Rob v1.3

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Description:   Recommended Forex Rob v1.3 stable foreign exchange EA scalp EA early morning brush single EA, the market most scalp is a big stop loss, it is a big stop loss, it is a big stop loss, to the bar, this EA small stop by default is 20 big profit 100, 1:4 relationship is a very flexible robot, built-in volatility power and other calculation parameters, the market will not be flat ahead of time Storehouse, basically rarely encountered hard stop loss, no fear of big stop loss, 500 dollars of friends dare to hang 0.2 hands to hang 5 currencies a day to profit 100 dollars in the case of a lot of security low risk will not lose a lot of loss is also more than a dozen points of profit is very robust suitable for short period of short period of quick turnover of small funds

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