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Description:   IPHER API Reference.pdf Description of the Installation and Upgrade of the Hi3521a???Hi3520dv300 SDK.txt Differences Between the MPIs of the Hi3521A???Hi3520DV300 and the Hi3521.pdf Differences Between the SDKs of the Hi3521A and Hi3520D V300.pdf Differences Between the SDKs of the Hi3521A and the Hi3521.pdf Graphics Development User Guide.pdf HDMI Development Reference.pdf Hi3521A???Hi3520D V300 U-boot Porting Development Guide.pdf Hi3521A???Hi3520DV300 Linux Development Environment User Guide.pdf HiFB API Reference.pdf HiFB Development Guide.pdf HiIVE API Reference.pdf HiIVS API Reference.pdf HiMPP Startup Screen User Guide.pdf HiMPP V3.0 FAQs.pdf HiMPP V3.0 Media Processing Software Development Reference.pdf HiTool Burning Tool Application Notes.pdf Intelligent Encoding User Guide.pdf Peripheral Driver Operation Guide.pdf RTC Application Guide.pdf TDE API Reference.pdf

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