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Description:   Web/html5 calls the camera to realize the two-dimensional code scan. Java extension usage description The parsing process requires Java environment support, and the jar packet starts to receive socket listeners on the 20147 port of the machine, so the network programming language can be called. 1 the command line starts the jar package Java -jar xxxxx.jar Startup success should be able to see the 20147 port application 2 service socket call Temporarily provide PHP call code

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webhtml5调用摄像头实现二维码扫描, 0 , 2018-03-14
webhtml5调用摄像头实现二维码扫描\html-js.html, 5878 , 2018-03-14
webhtml5调用摄像头实现二维码扫描\php(saveimg).php, 672 , 2018-03-14
webhtml5调用摄像头实现二维码扫描\php(utils) .php, 1017 , 2018-03-14

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