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Description:   DESCRIPTION tag wav tag wav software wav tag editor this little program allows you to tag WAV sound files. The choice is possible between: ID3, used by Audacity for example ID1, recognized by windows 10. You can move from one zone to another. A double pane of reading writing tags is usable not to seize several times the same information example: the Album of several titles. A pane informs about the header of the files and various tags present. It is possible to import export tags into dedicated files. A possibility of repairing WAV files is provided. A tracking log provides precise information on the position of the tags in the WAV file. The compiled program is present as file.ex_

File list:
ent坱e_WAVE.H, 5575 , 2018-03-12
MainTagWAVE.dfm, 22269 , 2018-03-12
MainTagWAVE.pas, 20462 , 2018-03-12
TagueurWAVE.dpr, 294 , 2018-03-12
TagueurWAVE.ex_, 430592 , 2018-03-12
TagueurWAVE.res, 876 , 2018-03-12
UnitKLI.pas, 3547 , 2018-03-12
utf8.pas, 6133 , 2018-03-12
VUMETRE.RES, 7416 , 2018-03-12
WAVE_tagLIST.pas, 43242 , 2018-03-12
readme.txt, 1442 , 2018-03-12

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