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Description:   This is a simulation design of a MIMO_OFDM communication system based on space time block coding. The system includes QPSK modulation and demodulation, IFFT modulation, space-time codec, and training based on training. A communication module, such as the channel estimation of a symbol.

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MIMO通信系统, 0 , 2018-03-13
MIMO通信系统\main_STBC_MIMO_OFDM.m, 10803 , 2009-03-22
MIMO通信系统\STBC_MIMO_OFDM 源程序.doc, 62976 , 2009-03-22
MIMO通信系统\training_symbol.m, 933 , 2009-03-21
MIMO通信系统\~$BC_MIMO_OFDM 源程序.doc, 162 , 2018-03-13

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