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Description:   FX2N source code V3.8 version of the basic use of: Compiled language: C language The FX2N source code V3.8 version is based on MITSUBISHI FX2N's PLC communication protocol, communication command and program written on the STM32F103 Series MCU. It can directly use MITSUBISHI programming software to write ladder diagram to download and run without any transformation. Note: 1) at present, the STM32F103RD/STM32F103VC/STM32F103VD/STM32F103VE/STM32F103ZE test is passed. 2) this program does not fully support all ladder diagram instructions. If you need other functions, you need to modify the code by yourself. Compile environment: Keil 4 or Keil5

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STM32 PlC控制器pcb文件原理图资料.rar, 1079064 , 2017-10-28
STM32-PLC源代码.rar, 3099314 , 2017-10-28

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