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Description:   The polynomial fitting method is used to eliminate the trend items in the AC signals. The comparison between the original signal and the filtered signal time-domain and frequency charts shows that the trend term is eliminated.

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filter_trendition\filter_trend_part.m, 1078, 2017-12-07
filter_trendition\不含有趋势项的时域信号.jpg, 40674, 2010-04-13
filter_trendition\不含有趋势项的频域信号.jpg, 27343, 2010-04-13
filter_trendition\含有趋势项的时域信号.jpg, 37731, 2010-04-13
filter_trendition\含有趋势项的频域信号.jpg, 25930, 2010-04-13
filter_trendition\程序说明.txt, 126, 2013-05-08

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