Directory: Linux-Unix program
Plat: C-C++
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Upload time: 2017-12-05 16:35:34
Uploader: 一无窒碍
Description:   Using the QT application, it displays a three-dimensional triangular cone (tetrahedron), each mask has a different color, and can click or drag the mouse to rotate the triangle. Double click a surface to set the color of the surface.

File list:
tetrahedron\main.cpp, 445, 2008-01-09
tetrahedron\tetrahedron.cpp, 3379, 2017-10-17
tetrahedron\tetrahedron.h, 605, 2008-01-09
tetrahedron\tetrahedron.pro, 156, 2008-01-09
tetrahedron\tetrahedron.pro.user, 24019, 2017-10-19

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