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Description:   The traveling salesman problem is solved by using MATLAB, and the shortest path planning of 31 urban coordinates is given

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MATLAB 路径规划\城市坐标\location31city.m
MATLAB 路径规划\城市坐标\x.txt
MATLAB 路径规划\城市坐标\y.txt
MATLAB 路径规划\禁忌搜索算法\CalDist.m
MATLAB 路径规划\禁忌搜索算法\drawTSP.m
MATLAB 路径规划\禁忌搜索算法\tabu_search.m
MATLAB 路径规划\禁忌搜索算法\tsp.m
MATLAB 路径规划\遗传算法\CalDist.m
MATLAB 路径规划\遗传算法\cro.m
MATLAB 路径规划\遗传算法\drawTSP.m
MATLAB 路径规划\遗传算法\genetic_algorithm .m
MATLAB 路径规划\遗传算法\mut.m
MATLAB 路径规划\遗传算法\objf.m
MATLAB 路径规划\遗传算法\pro.m
MATLAB 路径规划\遗传算法\sel.m
MATLAB 路径规划\遗传算法\tsp.m
MATLAB 路径规划\城市坐标
MATLAB 路径规划\禁忌搜索算法
MATLAB 路径规划\遗传算法

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