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Plat: Altium
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Upload time: 2017-05-25 20:27:51
Uploader: likora
Description:   PCB complete AVR development board for educational training with the following feature: 7Segment, LEDs Push Btn, LDR, LM35, RS232, ATmega8, ATmega16, ATmega32 etc

File list:
AVR Board update\AVR BOARD PCB.PcbDoc
AVR Board update\AVR BOARD PCB.pdf
AVR Board update\AVR BOARD SCH.pdf
AVR Board update\AVR BOARD SCH.SchDoc
AVR Board update\History
AVR Board update\History\AVRPCB_BOARD.~(1).PrjPCB.Zip
AVR Board update\History\AVRPCB_BOARD.~(2).PrjPCB.Zip
AVR Board update\New Folder

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