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Description:    With the continuous progress of industrial measurement and control technology and automation technology, the traditional RS-232, RS-485 and CCITTV. 24 communications already can not adapt to the needs of modern industrial control, and Fieldbus to its low price and reliable performance gradually become communication technology of the new type of industrial control field. Fieldbus is a kind of system which is used in the production field. It is an open, digital and multi point communication system. It is an open, digital and multi node communication system. A collection of computer technology, network communication technology and automatic control technology (3C) of the fieldbus technology, the 80s of the 20th century began to development, and gradually in manufacturing industry, process industry, transportation, buildings, and other automation system has been widely recognized and applied. Field bus is mainly has the following several types: the foundation fieldbus (FF), LonWorks, PRO

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