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Description:    Bus is developed by PHILIPS two wire serial bus, used to connect the microcontroller and its peripheral equipment. Is a kind of bus standard, which is widely used in the field of microelectronic communication control. It is a special form of synchronous communication, which has the advantages of less interface line, simpler control mode, less packaging form and higher communication speed. I2C Bus supports any IC production process (CMOS, bipolar). Transfer information between devices connected to the bus through the serial data (SDA) and serial clock (SCL) lines. Each device has a unique address recognition (both micro controller, MCU, LCD driver, memory or keyboard interface), and can be as a transmitter or receiver is determined by the function of the device. The LCD driver can only be used as a receiver, and the memory can receive and send data. In addition to the transmitter and receiver, the device may also be viewed as a host or slave when performing data transmission (see Table

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