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Description:   PAPR Reduction based on a Modified PTS with Interleaving and Pulse Shaping method for STBC MIMO-OFDM System. It is with GUI. Using GUI we can see comparison with number of sub carrier, sub-block and over sampling factor as well BER plot comparison of normal and with PTS technique. You need to run MIMO_OFDM_with_PTS.m Note: Do not delete or rename amy file and place all the files in one single folder because some are functions which are called in GUI code.

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Final Code\BER_plot.m
Final Code\ccdf.m
Final Code\ccdf_Comp.m
Final Code\Interleave_Example.m
Final Code\MIMO_OFDM_Diff_Number_of_oversampaling_factor.m
Final Code\MIMO_OFDM_Diff_Number_of_sub_blocks.m
Final Code\MIMO_OFDM_Diff_Number_of_sub_carriers.m
Final Code\MIMO_OFDM_with_PTS.fig
Final Code\MIMO_OFDM_with_PTS.m
Final Code\modulator.m
Final Code\STBC_MIMI_OFDM_With_Interleaving_and_PTS.m
Final Code\STBC_MIMI_OFDM_With_Interleaving_and_PTS_2Tx1Rx.m
Final Code\

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