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Description:   Maple is the formula derivation and calculation software , the earliest theoretical physics related to nuclear workers in order to simplify the derivation of the formula generated . Was later used in an extremely complex formula derivation and procedures in preparation . Calculated as the frontier values ​ ​ of modern technology, as well as three-dimensional hydrodynamic equations of electromagnetism , nuclear engineering equations in curvilinear coordinates cases are very complex . Several just three momentum equations of fluid mechanics on more than 2532 , the energy equation have 1583 , there are 954 stress tensor , the complexity involved in the processing of negative turbulence and boundary conditions will be doubled. ODE is also more complex, multi- engine shutdown system of equations using A4 paper to print out more than 800 pages, and so derive the required discrete numerical calculation only these high-tech formula has almost beyond human derivation and limit the

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