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Description:   Submit a recorded voice recording: numbers 0 to 9, and his or her name. Format is mono, 16KHz sampling, 16 bits linear PCM data. Recording requires a smooth, uniform pronunciation, the most significant moderate volume (more than 3000). Recording data stored in the WAVE file format. The file name and name: Student ID _ Name WAV 1) programming (MathLab), read out the recorded data. Display the waveform the statistics file the DC component of the signal, after the elimination of DC. 2) programming (MathLab) the frequency of 100 frames/sec (ie frame shift 10mS), and shows the recording file short-time zero-crossing rate and short-term energy, analysis frame length 20mS. 3) according to the short-time energy and zero-crossing rate curve on a waveform diagram, respectively marked 10 digits and name of the voice starting and ending position.

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