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Description:   Visual.C programming skills selected 500 cases with Disks Chapter 1 of a news box. Speech news box set Chapter 2 of said common control 13. how to use the picturebox control View Multi-Format Image? 12. How listcontrol Control supportive of the whole column choice? 11. How the list box automatically loading disk document lists? 10. How to show contains dialog richedit controls? 9. How to restrict the importation of editorial control character type? 8. How to create window control buttons? 7. Button to display six. How to use the scroll controls? 5. How to use the progress of control? 4. How to use control list? 3. How to use tree controls? 2. How to use the label control? 1. How to use slider controls? Chapter 3 common dialog 8. How commencement of the proceedings while the document open d

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