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Description:   fuzzy C means clustering for EEG classification,and use the SVM for campare. The SVM applied three methods to find the optimal apartments.

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模糊C—EEG\data imf.asv
模糊C—EEG\data imf.m
模糊C—EEG\E .asv
模糊C—EEG\E .m
模糊C—EEG\EMD data.asv
模糊C—EEG\EMD data.m
模糊C—EEG\matrix of SVD.asv
模糊C—EEG\matrix of SVD.m
模糊C—EEG\max value for all.asv
模糊C—EEG\max value for all.m
模糊C—EEG\maximum values.asv
模糊C—EEG\maximum values.m
模糊C—EEG\mean of FCM.asv
模糊C—EEG\mean of FCM.m
模糊C—EEG\Optimal matrix of FCM.asv
模糊C—EEG\Optimal matrix of FCM.m
模糊C—EEG\SVM for compare.asv
模糊C—EEG\SVM for compare.m

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