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Description:   this file is a graphical user interface (GUI) using Matlab and simulink it is for RLC circut in both series and parallel it agood and friendly GUI

File list:
GUI_RLC circuit\bode_pRLC.m
GUI_RLC circuit\bode_sRLC.m
GUI_RLC circuit\GUI_pRLC.fig
GUI_RLC circuit\GUI_pRLC.m
GUI_RLC circuit\GUI_sRLC.fig
GUI_RLC circuit\GUI_sRLC.m
GUI_RLC circuit\index.m
GUI_RLC circuit\nyq_pRLC.m
GUI_RLC circuit\nyq_sRLC.m
GUI_RLC circuit\phch_pRLC.m
GUI_RLC circuit\phch_sRLC.m
GUI_RLC circuit\pRLC.bmp
GUI_RLC circuit\pRLC.mdl
GUI_RLC circuit\sim_pRLC.m
GUI_RLC circuit\sim_sRLC.m
GUI_RLC circuit\sRLC.bmp
GUI_RLC circuit\sRLC.mdl
GUI_RLC circuit

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