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Description:   File Description: a gateway server side is the gateway service source code is mainly used to run parameters to the lander and the game client DLL. 2, the service end to decrypt the DLL injected into the game server-side process HOOK RECV packet decryption. 3, the client encryption DLL injected into the game client process HOOK SEND game packet is encrypted. With the server-side encryption DLL to complete the game packet re-encryption and decryption process. Of principle: the interception of the game client by HOOK packet send and packet of the game side to receive the re-encryption of the packet. So only your own lander to start the game in order to properly connect. Placed in anti-plug-in, of course you can be added to the client DLL if the DLL is unloaded, the game must be interrupted. Why use HOOK do not have port forwarding, the answer is obvious, is quite high relative to the efficiency of the port forwarding HOOK hardly feel any delay.

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